UI UX Design Tutorial From Zero to Hero with Wireframe + Prototype + Design in Figma

Experience for yourself what UX design is all about with a seven-day free trial. It’s also worth connecting with fellow UX beginners, such as other students on your UX course. You can share your journey, participate in knowledge exchange and generally take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in learning UX from scratch. You can experiment with some aspects of the UX process independently. For example, you could define a hypothetical user problem and conduct user interviews with friends and relatives and create wireframes and prototypes with free tools (or free trials).

To start building job-ready UX skills, consider enrolling in University of Michigan’s User Experience Research and Design Specialization on Coursera. You don’t need a degree or any prior experience, and you’ll cover skills like wireframing, prototyping, user research, usability testing, and design software. Everyone has interacted with UI/UX before, possibly without knowing (in fact, you’re doing it right now).

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User Interface and User Experience design both require an understanding of what users need. For UX design, you can study online, paid courses, or courses from online universities. You can also look at the best online course websites https://deveducation.com/en/faq/ to learn UI/UX so you can see which websites offer courses for free and the user feedback on these websites. Later, a UI designer builds on the aesthetics and interactions based on the models provided by the UX designer.

how to learn UX/UI designer

From there, build up the courage to take your networking efforts offline. If there’s a UX designer in your current company, invite them out for a coffee and pick their brains. At the same time, search meetup.com for local groups and events as well as online ones. If you’re not quite ready for in-person networking, online platforms like Slack are an excellent way to ease yourself in.

So you want to learn UX design. This guide will give you a simple starting point for your learning.

Learn what skills you need to get hired as a UX designer and how to get them. Though you won’t be spending your days writing code in UI/UX roles, you will have to work closely with engineers. “If you can’t understand the languages or understand how to communicate with engineers, it’s definitely going to pose a barrier,” Taylor says. Learn the full UX process, from research to design to prototyping. You’ll now get the best career advice, industry insights and UX community content, direct to your inbox every month.

Being a part of a virtual community, particularly in the times following the pandemic, is essential for any aspiring designer. These communities give you a sense of belonging, provide valuable feedback, and help you apply your concepts in the real world. Some examples of these communities include UX Design groups on meetup, UXDesign subreddit, and Slack workspaces for designers.

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